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Effective hair removal

When you come to Eileen's Beauty Place you can achieve silky smooth skin with a hair removal treatment. Don't hesitate any longer and choose the waxing treatment that makes you relaxed and comfortable, whilst removing unwanted hair.

How I do it

Unlike other more uncomfortable waxing procedures, my main aim is to ensure your comfort while undergoing my hair removal treatment. I do this by applying a tea tree cream wax, perfect for effective and comfortable waxing.

Maximum effectiveness

In order to maximise the effectiveness of this hair removal treatment ensure waxing does is not undertaken for four hours after exercise, heat treatments or sunbed treatments. It is also most effective when applied to clean and oil free skin.

Eyebrows (15 minutes)


Lip (10 minutes)



Chin (15 minutes)

from £6

Underarm (15 minutes)


Forearm (20 minutes)


Full arm (30 minutes)


Half leg (30 minutes)


Three quarter leg

(45 minutes)


Half leg and back thigh (45 minutes)


Full leg (45 minutes)


Full leg and standard bikini (1 hour)


Full leg and Brazilian (1 hour 15 minutes)


Full leg and Hollywood (1 hour 15 minutes)



Standard (15 minutes)


Extended (15 minutes)


Brazilian (30 minutes)


Hollywood (30 minutes)


Electrolysis - longer lasting hair removal

5 minutes


10 minutes


20 minutes


30 minutes


Hair removal using shortwave diathermy with sterile disposable needles.

Want to be silky smooth? Choose a hair removal treatment unlike any other, call today on:

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Achieve silky smooth skin