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The Bio-Ultimate Platinum machine features the latest in Micro-current technology. It measures the resistance and conductivity of the skin 1024 times per second and has the ability to adjust and deliver the perfect amount of current.


The patented Suzuki Sequencing allows an infinite amount of output combinations during one programmed setting thereby having 40% more effective Micro-current penetrating the skin compared with traditional machines.

See results with facial toning

Micro-current facials are favoured by celebrities worldwide for their facial toning results, results you too can now enjoy.


Micro-current imitates the body's own electrical impulses to stimulate the energy production (ATP) of the skin at a cellular level by up to 500% and re-educates the facial muscles.

The latest technology

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The result after one treatment is impressive but over a course of treatments blood circulation is increased by 39%, collagen is increased by 14% and elastin production is increased by 48%.


Together with the toning of the facial muscles, the skin is firmer, hydrated and the fine lines and wrinkles are softened.

Introducing the Bio-Ultimate Platinum non-surgical facial treatment

Individual age defying facial (1 hour)


Course of 8 age defying facials